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Only Winners Bunk Here

I've done a little side-tracking from my Samantha Davies Mystery series and just published a middle-grade novel, Only Winners Bunk Here. It's a great mystery/ghost story about girls attending summer camp in the Adirondack Mountains.

Thirteen-year-old Ella Hawthorne is being sent to Camp Wiawaka, on the shores of Lake George, for six weeks by her "perfect parents" in hopes that she will excel at something-anything. She'd rather stay home and do what she loves-gardening. Unfortunately, she bunks with the camp bully, Sidney, who insists their cabin win the mile swim at the end of the summer. Ella is terrified of swimming, but the camp ghost, Lisa Stewart, comes to her aide. Things go fine for Ella until Lisa starts to take things into her ghostly hands and seeks revenge for her own drowning when Ella's mom attended Camp Wiawaka. Will Lisa lead Ella or Sidney to the same fate? Can Ella prevent another tragedy at Camp Wiawaka?

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