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Character Cast for my series

Character Cast

Samantha Davies Mysteries


S. A. Kazlo

Cast of Characters

Samantha Davies – freelance writer for children’s magazines, business co-owner with ex-husband and ‘mother’ of ‘Porkchop the Wonder Dog’. She has a penchant for collecting designer handbags and loves music from Elvis, Roy Orbison and other soulful men.

Porkchop the Wonder Dog – a red dachshund who is long on charm and short on legs.

Candie Parker – a Southern Belle cousin to Samantha who enjoys all things shiny. The gorgeous auburn-haired sidekick holds several part time jobs, secretary/admin assistant to Wings Falls’ mayor as well as writing romance novels.

Loopy Ladies – the rug hooking group which Sam belongs to. They usually meet at ‘Ewe & Me Woolery’, owned by Lucy, to work on their projects and learn new things. Other members include Helen Garber, Mary Beth Higgins, Patsy Ikeda, Sam and Candie, Gladys O'Malley.

George Davies – Sam’s ex and business co-owner. The business is a funeral parlor still named for the previous business in that location, The Do Drop Inn.

Gladys O’Malley– Sam’s neighbor and fellow Loopy Lady. She is also a local barometer of things to celebrate which she demonstrates by dying her tightly permed hair to match. One never knew what color her hairdo would look like so you learned to not appear surprised when meeting up with her.

Despite all of that, Gladys has a heart of gold and has been trying to set Sam up with male companionship since her George fiasco of five years ago.

Sergeant Joe ‘Sandy’ Peters – a member of the local police force who has carried a grudge against Sam for too many years. Often the first officer on the scene which allows him to rub Sam the wrong way, far too frequently.

Hank Johnson– the detective on the Wings Falls police force assigned to investigate the murders and who makes Sam’s heart beat a little faster despite the circumstances. He is a recent transplant from Albany, NY PD with dark brown curly hair, brown eyes and a liking for cartoon-themed neck ties. Younger than Sam, he is inconveniently making her think about getting back into the dating scene.

Memaw Parker – doesn’t physically appear in the books but is crucial since she is Sam and Candie’s grandmother from Hainted Holler, TN and provided a substantial impact on their upbringing.

Franny Goodway – is the big-hearted owner of Sweetie Pie’s Café, a ‘50’s style diner anchored in downtown Wings Falls. The café provides Southern comfort food for the weary Adirondack crowd.

Mark Hogan – mayor of Wings Falls, Candie’s current boyfriend and her boss.

Dixie – Candie’s lovable kitty and Porkchop’s nemesis.

The Bug – Sam’s egg-yolk yellow VW Bug convertible

Precious – a baby blue ’73 Mustang convertible with white leather seats owned by Candie.

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