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After a nasty divorce, Samantha Davies has finally gotten her life back on track. She enjoys her hobby of hooking—rug hooking, that is—and is fulfilling a lifelong dream by writing her first children’s book, featuring her dachshund, Porkchop. But the pleasant pace of her life in small-town Upstate New York is suddenly shattered when she finds the dead body of the local pet shelter owner—murdered and covered in kibble!

While Calvin Perkins wasn't the most beloved man in town, Samantha's shaken to think there's a killer among them. Even more so when her octogenarian neighbor's boyfriend becomes the police's number one suspect and her neighbor pleads with Sam to help him. While Sam's research skills have been honed in her pursuit of a publishing career, she's not convinced she won't be in over her head. Calvin may have been great with the animals, but he wasn’t well-liked by people, creating a list of suspects almost as long as Porkchop's favorite bone. But with the help of her Southern belle cousin, Candie Parker, Sam vows to find the truth...even if she has to go toe-to-toe with the handsome new detective in town to do it. Old grudges, new secrets, and danger around every corner means Samantha better find the killer's identity quickly...before they set their sights on another victim!

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Samantha Davies and her Southern Belle cousin, Candie, can't wait to join their fellow hookers (rug hookers, that is) for the first annual Wings Falls hook-in, sponsored by her good friend Lucy, who owns The Ewe and Me Woolery. Sam is looking forward to an afternoon with her fellow hookers, the Loopy Ladies, filled with gossip, food, and buying lots of wool for her rug-making projects.


But what should be friendly fun turns into a deadly disaster, when Samantha stumbles upon a fellow hooker in distress—who dies in Sam's arms before help can reach her. The dead woman, Hilda Pratt, wasn't exactly beloved by all—least of all Lucy. Hilda had been copying Lucy's designs and selling them on the internet as her own. And when Sam's new boyfriend, a Detective Hank Johnson of the Wings Falls police force, determines that Hilda did not die of natural causes, Lucy and the Loopy Ladies become suspects in the woman's murder.


It's suddenly up to Sam and Candie to ferret out a killer among the tight knit world of rug hooking. With her faithful dachshund, Porkchop, in tow, Sam wades through the suspects and finds Hilda had more than one enemy among those closest to her. But can Sam figure out which one is a murderer... before it's too late?


Wedding bells are ringing for Samantha Davies' Southern cousin, Candie Parker. After eleven engagements Candie has finally found Mr. Right, Mark Hogan. Candie may have been engaged a number of times, but she has remained friends with all of her past loves. She's hired fiancé number one, Tommy Ray, repair her century-old, purple Victorian home so everything will be perfect when she and Mark begin their life as husband and wife. Everything was fine until her ex is murdered with his own nail gun. Because of a few racy pictures, taken when Candie was engaged to Tommy Ray, Candie becomes the main suspect in his demise. To complicate matters Candie's fiancé is also running for reelection for the Mayor of Wings Falls, New York. Much to the displeasure of Sam's boyfriend, Detective Hank Johnson, Sam isn't about to sit on the sidelines in this murder investigation. She wants to make sure her cousin doesn't spend her honeymoon in the Wings Falls' poky. Will Sam find out who the murderer is in time for her dachshund, Porkchop, to strut his stuff and walk down the aisle as Candie's ringbearer?

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I'm a retired teacher living in upstate New York with my hubby and two very active dachshunds. Like Samantha in my debut novel, Kibbles and Death, I'm a hooker, rug hooker that is. 

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Book Signing: April 29, 2023, 3pm - 5pm, Northshire Bookstore, 424 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY

In the Press

Debut author S.A. Kazlo has penned a delightful small-town mystery that will leave you 'howling' for more!

~ Gemma Halliday,


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